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Monday, June 25, 2018
By Michaelangelo's
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It's so easy these days to have a bright smile for your executive portrait. Planning ahead is key. A nice white smile is optimal.  We hear a lot of  "just photoshop them".  Well ya we can but yep you're gonna pay more for touch up.  And.... if not done correctly, they look as if they are glowing, washed out, no separation between teeth. Yikes.


Like I said it's so easy. I found these Crest 3D Whitening Strips. In 7 days or {it says 3 days} whiter teeth. Really easy to apply, I have them on now :) :) Apply and go for 30 minutes. I do recommend swishing with some water before removing. Hey, I just answered the phone with them on. Can't do that with whitening trays he he he.


So if you schedule your appointment 1 week out...whalllaaaa a bright beautiful smile. Don't go too crazy, a white glowing smile can look bizarre!  


Wearing white can make even nice teeth look a bit dingy, so if possible stay away from white. Even white dress shirts for men. 


I'm not sure if Casey {girl in the photos} uses whitening strips but......just to show you how nice a bright smile looks.


Keep smiling!!!


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