Mushrooms in Northeast Ohio
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Friday, December 28, 2018
By Michaelangelo's
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Mushrooms in Northeast Ohio in the Fall of 2018 for some reason was incredible. I can't remember hiking in the Metro parks and witnessing such an abundance of varieties. Maybe I just wasn't looking? Not sure. Although I do love cooking with mushrooms, I can't say I would want to risk eating wild mushrooms without the knowledge. Looks like on October 16th it was reported that the Cleveland Clinic had more than 12 cases of people eating poisonous mushrooms since August. No thanks, I love photographing them, cooking and actually decorating my garden with all sorts of mushroom statues. The mushroom night light is adorable and outdoor Solar lights. I've also heard many good things about mushroom coffee which I will try very soon. I actually found some cool mushroom stuff, posters, t-shirt, farm bundle check it out {links below} Eating wild mushrooms, I will save for the experts.

 The most common dangerous mushrooms are called "death cap" mushroom. They're white with umbrella-shaped tops and a cup at the base of the stem. I actually think I may have a photo below. I'm not an expert so I am not going to be naming the mushrooms in my photos. If anyone can help out, that would be great.


Here are some fun facts.

There are more than 2000 varieties of wild mushrooms in Ohio. 

Chanterelles are bright yellow or orange trumpet-shaped that grow under hardwood trees.

Puffballs are white to gray and round or pear-shaped with no stalks. They can become as large as 2 feet in diameter, did I read that right 2 feet? wow

Shaggy manes, silly name. 4-6 inches with long cylinder caps with brown scales think I have a pic, maybe. 


There is even a Mushroom Society. Please use a mushroom hunting guide if you're thinking about experimenting with the possible dangers of the fungi.

The Ohio Mushroom Society 


Enjoy my photos and please help out with names and more fun facts if you have them! Comment 


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