Tanzania Africa Series #1 Intro
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Thursday, February 14, 2019
By Michaelangelo's
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Tanzania, Africa Series: Part 1 of 5, Intro


Having recently returned from Africa, I’ve finally overcome my jetlag and I’m so excited to share my experience with you!  I am feeling so fortunate to have been part of such an amazing opportunity.


Last year, my daughter, Kadie, asked if I would like to join her and the company she works for, Stout Risius Ross, LLC (“Stout”), on their humanitarian trip with Convoy of Hope to Tanzania, Africa. What??? Of course, I would, no questions asked! I've always wanted to travel to a Third World country to try to make a difference in any way, shape, or form. I'm in. "It's not going to be easy. There will be hard labor," she said. We can do it and we are so glad we did!


The trip was scheduled for February 2-9, 2019.  As we got closer to the departure day, I must admit, the preparations were pretty stressful. Getting all the appropriate shots – Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, tetanus.  Do we need them or not? Some say yes, others no, but we got all of them to be safe. We needed outlet converters, portable chargers, sunscreen, loads of medication (just in case), and let’s not forget about packing enough snacks and activities to get us through two 14-hour plane rides! Oh, and bug spray.  One suggestion - whatever you do, do not search Google for local insects or reptiles before visiting Africa. Ugh, scary! Luckily, we didn’t encounter anything scarier than a gecko, but we were prepared, nonetheless.


After nearly 24 hours of travel, we arrived in Arusha, Tanzania. 


While in Tanzania, we spent most of our time volunteering at a number of schools – building a chicken coop, preparing and serving lunch, and most importantly: interacting with the children. 


More specifically, we helped with:


  • Expansion and renovation of the existing chicken coop
  • New holding pen for mature chickens 
  • Purchased 200 chicks and provided funds for 100 more
  • Pay for an expert to get the chicks up and running and oversee everything
  • Provide feed for the 200 chicks
  • Assist in drilling a new well that will be used for watering all of the agriculture planned at the school



  • Funds were allocated to get the feeding program for children started in Mundarara village



  • Donated a generator to help provide fresh water at school


Special thanks to Stout and Convoy of Hope for making this trip possible and for all they do to help others. 


Convoy of Hope 


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