Brian's Bio

Brian Kolin - Photographer at Michaelangelo’s Photography

I'm home, and bringing my talents back to the CLE...

I am a Brunswick, Ohio native, and moved back home a few years ago to be closer to family and to start a new adventure. I’m inspired by all that is happening in Cleveland right now and consider myself truly lucky to be a part of all the excitement. Go Cleveland!!

When I’m not behind the camera, I love being with family, cycling, hunting, fishing and just spending time outdoors. In my spare time, I watch sports, travel and give back to the community that has helped shape who I am today.

What I’m Best At...

Throughout my career, I have made a name for myself with my detailed lighting skills and I have shot more than 100 weddings and other events. My laid-back personality lends itself really well to working with clients and helping them feel comfortable and at-ease during shoots. I know how awkward it can be in front of the camera. There’s a reason I’m usually behind it.

I have a passion for bringing photography to life and I work hard to make sure my energy translates through my work. New locations and new perspectives excite me and I love to play with light to capture truly stunning photos that impress even my most critical clients. I look forward to the new challenges each different shoot offers and I am continually looking for new and exciting tools and tricks to stay on top of my game.

There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my client’s faces when they see their finished photographs for the first time. It’s something that will never get old.

What I Bring to the Table...

  • Studied Fine Art photography at Ohio Wesleyan. This is where I found my passion for photography and developed my personal style.
  • Studied Photography at Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale/ Honed my skills to create my unique shooting style. I am always looking to innovate.
  • Experienced photographer working at a studio in Fort Lauderdale for 12 years as their main photographer shooting all types of photography. 
  • Currently, I am a Photographer at Michaelangelo’s Photography in Downtown Cleveland, and I love photographing the Browns (here we come Super Bowl!) and taking on new jobs in the Greater Cleveland area.

Some of my professional work includes:

  •                US Bank
  •                NBC
  •                Hall of Fame Canton
  •                NBC Sports
  •                Rock Hall
  •                City Club Cleveland 
  •                Cleveland Browns
  •                Channel 3 News
  •                Lodging Magazine
  •                NBC Universal
  •                Executive Caterers
  •                Gamewear
  •                The City of Strongsville
  •                Addison Steak House 
  •                Pat Catan’s / Darice
  •                Cushman & Wakefeild 
  •                Oswald Insurance
  •                Marquise Desserts 
  •                Open Peak
  •                Spirit Airlines 
  •                Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  •                LensCrafters 
  •                Super lawyers Magazine 
  •                Babykeba 
  •                RNC clients Real Clear Politics, ITI, WETA, PBS and NewsHour Productions
  •                Riverside Hotel 
  •                GT Nutrition
  •                Wing Flyers
  •                Krieger Watch
  •                Just to name a few...



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