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Call it what you want.... business head shot, business portrait, corporate portrait, business image, professional image, whatever it is, whatever you need it for, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,, business cards, your website... whatever....make sure it is Professional! Make sure you look the best you can for that first impression. We all know it matters. A selfie outside by a garage door? that's just lazy. Do you want your first impression to be that? No way. In this digital age you are the face of your brand. As a result, every professional needs a good business portrait. All corporate photography is not created equally. Simply put, businesses are made up of people. Having a fantastic headshot can really tip the scales for getting that dream job from your LinkedIn profile. Take the time, it will be well worth it.  With the right photographer, it's easy and painless.


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Here are some interesting quotes I found 

"A professional crafted headshot portrait is the silent yet ever present ambassador to business and community connections. If you’re going to emphasize any area of self-promotion, let it begin with the image you present to the world."

"It is vital to hire someone who can capture an individual’s essence in a professional context, capturing and forwarding your strategic message."

From Linkedin -

Look the part, be the part

Think about how your image can support the message or content of your profile. There is an old saying – ‘Look the part, be the part’. If you work in an corporate environment, present yourself as such.


Take the time to read my tips and it will be smooth sailing.


Tips for the professional Women – 

 How can I look professional and still look good?


A structured neutral outfit translates well on camera. Make sure to get a well-fitted one as you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a man’s jacket. A cardigan can work as well for a slightly more casual office environment.


A blouse or top of a different color than the blazer. Don’t be afraid to try a fun pattern, as only a little bit will be showing under the blazer or cardigan in a tight head shot. A bright pop of color can also be nice.


A fun way to add some femininity to your corporate look is with jewelry such as a necklace. Perhaps even try something a little bolder than you might normally wear. Earrings can be a nice touch but may or may not show up depending on your hair length. Don't go too crazy, you do not want distraction.

Wear Glasses:

If you sometimes wear fun glasses with personality you may want to bring them to your shoot. They can make for an interesting yet still professional accessory.

Make-up Tips:

Wear a little extra make-up then you would normally wear to work. Nothing crazy, but a pop of color on your lips and some blush can add a lot of vibrancy.


Tips for Men –



Collared shirts are imperative for a professional look. Non-collared shirts (t-shirts) can work in certain scenarios and usually work best in conjunction with a sport coat. Turtlenecks are also acceptable.


A plain, non-patterned shirt always works best. If patterned, a very subtle one is acceptable.


Shirts that work best do not easily wrinkle and bounce-back when scrunched.


An off-white or color shirt is much preferred over white. However, white shirts are acceptable, especially when covered by a dark jacket or sweater. Regardless, if a colored shirt is available, it’s your best option.


In general, a slightly looser fit is preferable over a tight fitting shirt. Choose a snug fitting shirt only when there are no weight concerns. If not, the tight look can easily add around 20 extra pounds of “visual” weight.

The main concern is for collared shirts with buttons to the neck. The top must button easily, allowing for a loose fitting collar (i.e. skin must not be pressed tightly), making head turns a breeze.



Think “professional” and you should do just fine. Again, simplicity is the key. Also keep in mind the audience you wish to attract and narrow your focus to speak to your target market.


We recommend keeping patterns simple and colors subdued. Again, the idea is keep the viewer’s gaze fixed upon your eyes/face, not an abundance of colors and patterns.


Colors to avoid are orange, pink, and iridescent hues. 

TIPS FOR EVERYONE in need of a business head shot in Cleveland 


Bring a happy heart and your smile will take care of itself. Remember, your session should only take a few minutes. It’s a short enough time to turn off the outside pressures of the day and simply be present.

  • Smile Challenged? If so, practice in front of mirror, remembering the feeling of a natural smile.
  • Also, a helpful technique is something we call “Lifting Your Apples.” The roundness of our cheeks are referred to as “apples.” In those instances where a smile is required but it’s challenging to do so on cue, simply “lift your apples” while placing your tongue in the roof of your mouth and a smile will emerge.
  • We will not only capture a range of expressions, from wide smiles to soft, but also capture both sides of your face. This way you can evaluate not only which expression you prefer, but from which side of the face you feel best expresses it.


ALL glasses present two essential challenges:

1 glass glare

2 distortion (eyes and temples)

BOTH aberrations can be remedied with judicious retouching and is included with our pro retouching. However, for best possible results, we recommend either wearing Non-Glare glasses, or arranging with your Optometrist to remove your lenses prior to your session. Eye/temple distortion is much easier to restore than eyes being obliterated by glass glare.

  • Glasses without non-glare coating are problematic, and therefore we do not recommend regular glasses for portraits. The resulting glare can be light (easy to remove) to severe, which may require a complete rebuilding of the eyes.
  • Non-glare glasses work wonderfully and generally are no problem. However, non-glare can still present a challenge depending on the degree and where the soft green glow appears, as well as distortion eye, face and temples caused by thicker lenses.

NOTE: Contact Lenses work well, though they can cause a bluish ring to appear around the iris.

Black & White vs Color

It would be more typical to find a color image these days but as a fan of Black & White, I would say that a well lit Black & White can look striking and very forgiving and the more drama the lighting can inject, the better the Black & White image will be. This might be a less appropriate option if you work in a corporate environment like Banking or Law but a great option if you’re in the creative fields like Architecture or Media. There is no right or wrong answer to whether you use Black & White or Color it’s really just a question of preference by you or your company when you get your business head shot